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Ma Kelly's Old Style Sunday Don Diego Trio LIVE!


Na een enorm succes op 3 september 2023 toen Don Diego Trio een dag van te voren geregeld werd, konden we natuurlijk niks anders dan ze weer op ons podium te verwelkomen op 28 Januari 2024!
Kom heerlijk genieten van deze Italiaanse Rockabilly band!

The Don Diego Trio rose from the ashes of the band Adels, a neo-rockabilly band founded in 1994 by Diego Geraci. After that group was disbanded, Diego decided to embark on a new solo project in a more traditional country style. Thanks to their collaboration with multiple agents (Surfing Airlines, BWC Music, Billy Booking, 88 Booking) and the band members’ own skill in booking gigs, the group’s horizons expanded beyond the Italian borders to encompass the rest of Europe – and, just a few years later, the United States.

The sound of the band is focused on Diego's guitar work. He is a a twang fanatic, a master of the telecaster and has a deep knowledge of the “Travis Picking” technique. All these skills literally flow into their show, passing from the classic Bakersfield Country, to the Texas Western Swing, into the traditional rockabilly feel without forgetting the land from where he comes from, the Sicily island (and it means that a lot of “South Italy” flavour is guaranteed during their performances).

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